Engelbert HONORAT.

Engelbert Honorat has always been interested in creation and naturally turned to artistic professions. During his studies, he focused on learning the art of patternmaking, specializing in haute couture and in particular craftsmanship, remaining committed to producing aesthetically pleasing, artistic displays of creativity.

He is by nature, creative and versatile. His passions and interests include design, shape work and a commitment to aesthetic excellence, always ensuring materials are of the highest standard. His work is a testament to his thoroughness as a designer. It is in the world of design that Honorat found his place, one where he can express himself creatively. Where he can channel his emotions into dreamlike and poetic physical expressions, by creating works of art, be it apparel, textiles, or home furnishings.

In 2012, he was spotted by Kenzo Takada, who would become his mentor throughout the entirety of his career. Honorat never left his side, becoming the designers creative assistant where he and the designer worked hand in hand in developing Kenzo Takada’s latest venture: K三. Today, Honorat holds the position of Creative Director of the K三 brand, committed to realizing the late designer's vision for the brand.

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